Kerrigan Production Services


Welcome to Montreal

Video Production, Editing, Colour Correction and Teleprompting Services

I have a list of freelance camera assistants, sound recordists, grips and gaffers, which I use on all my productions.  

If I’m not available, I’ll help you find another DP in Montreal who is...

We offer in house editing and supply teleprompters and operators.

Affiliations: CICA, AQTIS.    Signatory: ACTRA, UDA


4096 x 2160

3840 x 2160

High Definition:

4:4:4: 12 bit




Apple ProRes - 220 Mb/s 10-bit





Standard Definition:




Cameras -  NTSC / PAL

Camera Equipment

Sony PXW-FS7 (4K)

Sony A7sii (Low Light 4K)

Shogun Recorder (4K)

Sony EX3 with 2/3" Zoom

PIX 240 (4:4:4)

Lens Package (6 Zooms & 5 Primes)

Matte Boxes (3)

Camera Filter Package (20)

Memory Cards

Portable Hard Drives

AC / DC Power Supplies

Rain Covers

HD 15.5" Field Monitor

Sony Field Monitor

MacBook Pro for file download

Sachtler 20II Carbon Fiber Tripod

Sachtler 14 Carbon Fiber Tripod

Tripod Dolly

Hi Hat


Shoulder Braces


Slider 4' / 6' / 8'

Lighting Equipment

Arri - 1000 x 4

Arri - 650 x 1

Arri - 300 x 5

Arri - 150 x 2


Kino Flo Celeb

Chimera Soft Box Light (2)

Source 4  Spot Light

Fiilex P360EX, Dome, Lens

LED Light Panels x 2

Litepanel LED

On-board  LED Panel

On-board Florescent

Small Light Stands

Medium Light Stands

Large Light Stands

Flex Fills x 4

1500w Dimmers x 2

Extensions 110v AC Cables

Grip Equipment

KerriKart - Camera Cart

Table Top Dolly

Jib Arm

4’ Camera Slider

8’ Camera Slider

12’ x 12’ Green Screen

5’ x 7’ Green Screen

12’ x 12’ Black Back Drop

10’ x 16’ White Back Drop

10’ x 16’ Grey Back Drop

8’ x 8’ Nets

Apple Boxes

Grip Stands

Gobo Arms

Auto Poles

Magic Arms

Maffer Clamps

Background Holders

Sand bags

Sound Equipment

Sanken CS-3e, Shot Gun Microphone

Sennheiser 416, Shot Gun Microphone

Sennheiser MKH 50 Microphone

Sanken COS-11R Lavaliere  x 3

Tram Lavaliere Microphones x 5

Sony 77 Lavaliere

Rode Pin Lavaliere

Microphone Stand & Boom x 2

van den Bergh Boom Pole x 2

Tascam Digital Audio Recorder

8 Channel Field Audio Mixer

Sony Wireless

Lectrosonics Wireless SR Dual-Cannel Receiver

Lectrosonics Wireless x 2

Beyer DT-100 Headphones x 2

XLR Sound Cables x 25

Double-Ender Audio Box

Sound Blankets x 10

Playback Speakers

Edit Systems

Avid Symphony

Final Cut X

Dropbox Account

Google Drive

Skype Account

iCloud  Account


Dodge Grand Caravan

SLR Camera / Sills / HD Video

Full Size Teleprompter

iPad Teleprompter

Walkie Talkies

Make Up Kit

Hard Drives

USB Drives

SD Cards



I own cameras, lighting, grip and sound equipment.   If I don’t own what’s needed, I’ll source the gear from associates.