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I’m a Montreal based Director of Photography with over 30 years of experience.

Over the years, I’ve filmed television series, drama, documentaries, EPKs, commercials and corporate videos in over 40 countries.

I'm a graduate Ryerson University / Photo Arts / Motion Picture in Toronto, and have taught cinematography at Concordia University and the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal.

I'm passionate about shooting, whether it be in the Arctic, the dessert, the jungle, on the shop floor of a factory or in a corporate board room.

I've filmed Royalty, Prime Ministers, Tribal Leaders, Corporation Presidents and Celebrities.

(Bruce Willis, Jamie Foxx, Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, Christian Bale, John Cusack, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Michelle Williams, Bruce Greenwood, Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner, Hilary Duff, Sarah McLachlan, David Foster, David Beckham,  Lorde, Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Director of Photography

Selected Productions

DP / Cameraman

Documentary  (selected)

The Raising of America  / Are We Crazy about Our Kids?

Are We Crazy About Our Kids? is one of the supporting episodes to the documentary series, THE RAISING OF AMERICA:  The episode explores the utilitarian argument for investing in high quality early care and education: it pays for itself, several times over.

Documentary Series (60 minutes)


California Newsreel

Co DOP (Canada)

Life Is A Highway

A film which documents Canadian popular music.  Performers include Sarah McLachlan, KD Lang, Barenaked Ladies, Céline Dion, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and the Tragically Hip.

Documentary (120 minutes)

Amérimage – Spectra, Montréal, QC

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin

In the days of Communist Russia, you could be accused of espionage for listening to the Beatles' infectious tunes on home stereo.

Documentary (60 minutes)


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Co DOP (Canada)

Montréal Symphonie, Kent Nagano et I’OSM

FIFA Award Winner

Best Canadian Film

Documentary (90 minutes / HD and 35mm version)

Ciné Qua Non Media, Montréal, QC

BCE Films, Munich, Germany

Radio Canada

ZDF Theaterkanal



Co DOP (Canada)

Braindamadj’d… Take 2

Peabody Award Winner

2 Gemini Awards / 4 Gemini Nominations

A bright young director with an exciting TV career almost dies in a car crash and is now living with extensive brain damage.  But he may surprise us all…

Documentary (60 minutes)

Apartment 11 Productions, Montréal, QC

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Breaking the Silence

Five Canadians united with men from around the world on the Internet, and together they uncovered a long history of sexual abuse at two boarding schools.

Documentary (60 minutes)


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Co DOP (Canada)

The Terminal – The Making Of

Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks – behind the camera

DVD documentary of the Feature Film

DreamWorks, LA, CA


Timeline – The Making Of

Richard Donner- the director’s p.o.v.

DVD documentary of the Feature Film

Paramount Pictures, LA, CA


Hire Learning

We follow 3 young adults for one year, and discover a school that changed their lives forever.

Documentary, Video

Vision TV, Toronto, ON

Co-producer / Co-director / DOP

Crossing Borders

A violent murder separates a community a series of videos helps to heal.

Documentary (90 Minutes)

The Black Community Council of Quebec

Co-producer / DOP

Series  (selected)

The Today Show - NBC

Dateline - NBC

Bio - A&E

The Dr. Phil Show - Paramount Pictures

60 Minutes - Australia

To The Max (3 seasons) - YTV

Mystery Hunters (3 seasons) - National Geographic, YTV

Dogs With Jobs (5 seasons) - National Geographic, PBS

Popular Mechanics for Kids (3 seasons) - Hurst Corporation

Drama & Dance  (selected)

Mayday: Crash of the Century

The deadliest air disaster the world has witnessed.

Docudrama 90 min./ Video

Galaxie Productions, Paris, FR

Les Productions Cineflix Inc., Montréal, QC

Discovery Channel

National Geographic


White Brush, Red Wine, and Death in a  Paris Café

This film walks a tightrope between drama and documentary, featuring a seamless mixture of actors, musicians and painters.  it's an entertaining debate about the creative process, a subtle, ironic look at the power of personality on group dynamics.

Drama / Video

Livorno Films, Montréal, QC

Bravo, Toronto, ON

Télé-Québec, Montréal, QC

DOP / Associate Producer

Greater The Weight

Pugilism and dance…

Producers / Directors: Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer

Bravo, Toronto, ON


Drawing Blank

A dream-like story of impermanence told through dance and stop-motion painting.

Picture This Productions, Montreal, QC

Bravo, Toronto, ON


Demo Reel