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Client Comments  (Under Construction)

Bruce Willis, on set promoting RED 2.

Camera: Sony FS7  Lens: Zeiss 24-70mm, F2.8


MAC Cosmetics promotional video.

Camera: Sony FS7,  Lens: Sony 18-200mm, F5.6


Interview with executive for a corporate video.

Camera: Sony FS7,  Lens: Zeiss 24-70mm, F4  

Hugh Jackman promoting The Wolverine with a green screen background.

Camera: Sony FS7,  Lens: Zeiss 24-70mm, F4  

'The footage is brilliant and we really appreciate all of the extra shots you did with the contributor. I have an extremely happy Edit Producer, so thank you!'

Roxanne Donovan,

October Films, London UK

'We are really happy with your work. Very professional and beautiful footage.

Hope to work with you again in the future.'

Frans De Backer

Head of Production & Programming


'I hired Bill for some corporate work expecting the somewhat typical “videographer.” I was more than pleased to learn that Bill is actually a veteran D.O.P. with all the knowledge and experience therein. That alone pushed and challenged me to make more creative decisions I might not have made otherwise, boosting the production value of my shoots. When Bill commits to a job he is fully committed, and very much dedicated to giving you the best.'

Ari Grief


Griefilm Inc.

Demo Reel    (Under Construction)